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Easter Egg Hunt Game for Children

Create your own Easter Egg hunt with this Easter Egg template ideal for young children wanting to go on a Easter treasure hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Game for kids

Follow the steps below to create your own D.I.Y Easter Egg hunt kit:

1. Print off 1 sheet of eggs per child plus 1 additional sheet.

2. Cut out the egg shapes on one of the sheets of paper and hide in various different places around the house or garden (depending on the weather!).

3. Give the other sheets of paper (with eggs on) to each child and a pencil, explain that they need to tick off each egg and once they have found all eight eggs they can claim their Easter Egg prize (and you can always print off the certificate below).

Alternatively, you can print and cut out enough eggs for each child and ask them to collect one of each of the eight eggs to match up with their piece of paper.

Easter Egg Hunt for Children Certificate

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